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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A message from DPP PROTON student

Here is something one of my students from DPP PROTON wrote in our DPP PROTON Facebook Group. I like it so much I want to share:

berjalan ke bilik air - bukak paip sinki - keluarkan ubat gigi letak kat berus gigi - tadah air kat paip - kumur2 - gosok sisi - 10 minit kemudian - kumur2 - keluarkan pencuci muka - tadah air kat paip - basahkan muka - lumur pencuci muka - 5 mint kemudian - tadah air - bilas muka - tutup paip sinki

abang/kakak, boleh x bukak paip sinki tu bila perlu..tolong la jangan membazir..kalau 15 minit kat sinki, 15 minit jugak la kau x tutup paip sinki tu..

kalau kau ada rumah sewa sendiri baru kau tahu camna peritnya nak jimat air biar bil x melambung..

pesanan buat warga proton x kira dah senior atau masih junior..


Can't understand it? Well, here's the Google Translate version:


My name Fateh Crazygers

walk to the bathroom - sink tap bukak - remove the toothpaste put mytoothbrush - my water cistern pipes - kumur2 - rub the side - 10minutes later - kumur2 - remove facial cleanser - my water cisternpipe - wet your face - face wash grime - 5 mint and - dependent onwater - rinse face - turn off the sink pipes

brother / sister, may x bukak sink pipes when I need it .. please .. do not waste my sink if 15 minutes, 15 minutes jugak la you close the tap sink x I ..

If you have a new own rent camna peritnya you know I let on waterbills soar .. x

order for citizens proton x into account I still senior or junior ..


However, if you really want to understand it, here is my translation:


Nama Saya Fateh Crazygers (This is FB name, so no need to translate)

walk to bathroom - turn on tap - get toothpaste out put on toothbrush - collect some water - rinse out mouth - brush teeth - 10 minutes later - rinse out mouth - get facial cleaner - collect water - wet face - apply facial cleaner - 5 minutes later - collect water - wash face - turn off tap

Brother/Sister, can you please turn off the tap when not needed... do not be wasteful... if 15 minutes at the sink, 15 minutes you do not turn off the tap.

If you have your own house that you rent, you would know how difficult it is to keep the water bill down by saving water.

This is some advice for Protoneans, no matter whether you are senior or junior.



Just in case you're wondering how he looks like.... he's in the pic below... the one next to Heliza...

You have a 50-50 percent chance of getting it right. Until next time....

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