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Monday, January 30, 2012

ICTOM 2012

Since I'm part of the team for promoting our international conference for this year, I might as well put it up here, just in case you are interested. It is the 3rd ICTOM in the series, organised by Universiti Utara Malaysia (specifically School of Technology Management and Logistics) and Institute of Technology Bandung (School of Business and Management), to be held in Bandung, Indonesia.

Here's the banner:

and the link to the official website:

Small intro for the conference (direct cut-n-paste):
The 2012 3rd International Conference on Technology and Operations Management (ICTOM 2012) will be held in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia during July 4th – 6th,  2012. The 3rd ICTOM aims to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students from all over the world to exchange and share their experiences and discuss research results about Technology and Operation Management. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to face to face and creates synergy between academic scientists and industrial professionals to solve problems related to the fields.  

The 3rd ICTOM 2012 conference plans to explore in great depth, the implication of the concept, 'Sustaining Competitiveness through Green Technology Management'. The topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology Adoption
  • Technology Innovation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Information and Communication Technology Utilization
  • Process Design and New Product Development
  • Intellectual Property Rights in
  • R&D Management
  • Change Management
  • Green Technology
  • Technopreneurship
  • Social and Human Issues
  • Robotics in Manufacturing
  • Business Process Management
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
The above is not intended to be all-inclusive. However, competitive and working papers in related areas will be welcomed for refereeing. All competitive papers accepted for the conference will be reviewed by a panel of experts and successful authors will present their papers at the 3rd ICTOM 2012 conference. The best papers will be fast-tracked to the Journal of Technology and Operations Management (JTOM), Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi (JMT) and The Asian Journal of Technology Management (AJTM). It will be published, subject to style amendment and copyright clearance, for publication in JTOM, JMT and AJTM.

So there you have it! If you're interested, please submit a paper for review, and hope to see you there! :-D

For any enquires, please email or mail to:
Institut Teknologi Bandung
School of Business and Management
Jl. Ganesha No.10 Bandung 40132

Contact Person: Akbar Adhiutama Ph.D
Tel: + 62 22 2531923

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost... now found! My Master Thesis...

Alhamdulillah... and I thought it was lost forever when I discovered that the CD that I backed up all my Master Thesis materials got corrupted and unreadable.... so here is the preliminary pages for your pleasure! :D

A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Information Technology in partial
fulfillment of the requirement for the degree
Master of Science (Information Technology)

Universiti Utara Malaysia

© Faisal Zulhumadi, 2006.
All Rights Reserved.

The operation of reservoir spillway gates at Timah Tasoh dam is based on a decision-making process that relies on experience and an accurate data capturing method. Gate operation reliability is of utmost importance in order to deal with highly critical events such as excessive water flow or spill over. However, the current data capturing method is error prone and subjected to massive time delays. In times of emergency, such as flooding or critically high water levels, such deficiencies could lead to disastrous results. With the rapid advancement in the fields of Decision Support Systems (DSSs) and mobile computing, many tools can be used to support the already existing system. Furthermore, there are a number of Java compliant phones that are readily available and, chances are, these devices are already owned by these individuals. This project had adopted the Design Research (DR) methodology that involved a Real-Time Data Capture (RTDC) component coupled with a Temporal Data Mining (TDM) engine, packaged in a mobile application. Java Micro Edition (JME, formerly known as J2ME) was used as the programming language, and a mobile phone emulator was used to demonstrate the application. The results of this project had revealed that for a mobile application to be successfully implemented, factors such as the Graphical User Interface (GUI), persistent record maintenance, and the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) platform versions must be considered and evaluated. There were also restrictions which have to be overcome in order to produce a fully fledged decision support system in a Java compliant mobile device, like the mobile phone.

Operasi get melimpah takungan di empangan Timah Tasoh adalah berasaskan proses pembuatan keputusan yang bergantung kepada pengalaman dan kaedah penangkapan maklumat yang tepat/jitu. Kebolehpercayaan operasi get adalah paling penting bagi menangani kejadian yang amat kritikal seperti aliran atau limpahan air yang keterlaluan. Tetapi, kaedah penangkapan maklumat yang ada sekarang adalah tidak tepat (sering salah) dan mengalami masa menuggu yang agak keterlaluan (“excessive time delays”). Dalam keadaan kecemasan seperti banjir dan paras air yang berada di tahap kritikal, kelemahan begini boleh membawa kepada akibat yang dasyat. Dengan kemajuan dalam bidang sistem sokongan keputusan (“Decision Support System” - DSS) dan komputeran mudah alih (“mobile computing”), berbagai alat boleh digunakan untuk menyokng sistem yang sedia ada. Tambahan pula, terdapat beberapa jenis telefon yang patuh-Java yang mudah diperolehi, dan yang kemungkinan besar telahpun dipunyai oleh mereka yang berkenaan. Projek ini telah menggunakan Metodologi Rekabentuk Penyelidikan (“Design Research” - DR) yang melibatkan komponen tangkapan maklumat masa sebenar (“Real-Time Data Capture” - RTDC) yang digandingkan dengan enjin perlombongan maklumat temporal (“Temporal Data Mining” - TDM), yang dimuatkan dalam pakej aplikasi telefon bimbit. Edisi Mikro Java (“Java Micro Edition” - JME, dulunya dikenali sebagai J2ME) digunakan sebagai bahasa pengaturcaraan, dan pengemulasi telefon bimbit telah digunakan untuk menunjukkan cara penggunaan prototaip yang telah dikemukakan. Hasil projek ini menunjukkan bahawa, untuk membolehkan aplikasi mudah alih dilaksanakan dengan jayanya, perkara seperti antaramuka pengguna grafik (“Graphical User Interface” - GUI), penyenggaraan rekod yang berkekalan (“persistent record maintenance”), dan versi CLDC (“Connected Limited Device Configuration”) and MIDP (“Mobile Information Device Profile”) mesti dipertimbang dan dinilai. Terdapat juga sekatan yang perlu diatasi untuk menghasilkan sistem sokongan keputusan yang penuh dalam alat mudah alih yang patuh-Java, seperti telefon bimbit.

Interested? You may download the entire report below:

If you are unsure on how to download, please view a brief how-to description here:

If you need a printable version, please email me at:
Looking forward to hearing from you soon :-D

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Master Subjects: TD5023 + TD5033

The following WinRAR files contain my materials and assignments during my Master of Science in Information Technology course. Copyright? Mine... but then again, there were a lot of cut-and-pasting going on, so all rights to all the respective parties. Cited most, but for those I missed, I apologise.

Sem 1 - TD5023 - IT Policy and Strategy: Lecturer - Mr.  Azman Ta'a

Sem 1 - TD5033 - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design: Lecturer - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman

If you are unsure on how to download, please view a brief how-to description here:

More to come.... :-)

BJIB3143 Slaid E-dagang / E-commerce Slides

Time to put everything online... for my own personal use, as well as you (currently reading this blog). Starting up with my teaching materials... and then probably to some other stuff.

DISCLAIMER: All these materials are for my own personal use only, as well as those I authorise and give consent.

"Sir, how to download?"

Follow these simple steps:
1. Click on one of the links below, you will be taken to the hosting website:

2. If you do not have a premium account with this website, click on the "REGULAR DOWNLOAD" button to get the next screen:

3. Wait 15 seconds (or more if you have downloaded recently using the same IP address). Please note, if you are downloading from UUM, and someone else is downloading at the same time, you will NOT BE ABLE to download. In this case, wait for an hour and try again. After the waiting time has finished, you will get this screen:

4. Enter the letters to complete the Capcha step and you will finally end up at the following screen:

5. errr... follow the above instruction... :-P

With ALL that out of the way, I'm guessing you are my currently enrolled student in my class, so download away!

Week 1 & 2: