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Monday, October 29, 2012

Work or further studies? Some advice...

Many of my ex-students always ask this... "Sir, should I work after my practicum or should I further my studies?" "If I study, what should course should I take?"

What advice can I give? Well, I don't really know every students' actual situation, nor do I know any of my students to the extent that I know what they are good at and their weaknesses... so here is my generic advice that I once gave a student:

"Actually, it all depends on the individual and their capabilities... because you yourself would know your actual situation and self... but there are several things that must be considered. In my opinion, if ever you ever get the chance to further your studies early, then make the most of this opportunity, because the younger you are, the easier it would be to absorb new knowledge (us oldies need time to learn and change our ways). Anyway, it is never a waste when you start your career using your Master qualification. However, there are always advantages of having years of work experience, because some companies want to see the 5-year work experience block in your CV before recruiting workers for more senior positions. 

However, I feel that is you are capable in all aspects (mental, physical, finance, time, etc.), you may want to start working first, and then negotiate with your employers at your work place so that you can further your studies in part-time mode... what I mean is that you work during the day and study during the night... it is certainly very challenging, but it gives the greatest satisfaction and the ultimate outcome is that you will be more empowered and confident in facing all the challenges in your career."

Original message:
Sebenarnya ikut pendirian dan kemampuan masing2, sbb anda sendiri yg tahu keadaan sebenar... Tapi ada beberapa perkara yg patut dipertimbangkan. Pada pendapat peribadi sy, bila ada peluang nak sambung mengaji awal, ambil kesempatan sepenuhnya, sbb org muda lebih mudah serap ilmu. Lagipun tak rugi ada kelayakan Master bila nak mula bekerja. Tapi ada kelebihan pengalaman kerja, sbb setengah company nak lihat 5thn pengalaman kerja dlm CV sebelum ambil pekerja utk jawatan lagi senior.
Tapi, sy rasa kalau mampu dari semua aspek (mental, fizikal, duit, masa dll), boleh mula bekerja dulu, lepas tu cuba berunding dgn tempat kerja utk sambung part time... Maksud sy kerja waktu pagi dan belajar waktu malam... Memang mencabar, tapi sangat puashati dan outcome ialah anda akan menjadi lagi power dan confident utk menghadapi cabaran dunia kerja.

Hope that helps...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Miss PROTON Night Part 3 + meeting

Time:  12.10 am
Date: 23rd June 2012
Occasion: Miss PROTON Night + meeting
Description: after the long day, had to attend a meeting to sort out some administrative things in DPP PROTON. The Principal was there, along with some of the student representatives (JKPS).

Before that, the prize giving ceremony...


Smiles all round...

Group shot! :-D

Next, in the meeting room...

Listen! He is the Principal! ;-)



Ok, Mr. Azizul... time for you to do some work... hahahaha

Where all the dealings take place ;-)

Something to think about...


Friday, October 26, 2012

Miss PROTON Night Part 2

Time:  10:44pm
Date: 22nd June 2012
Occasion: Miss PROTON Night
Description: more of the same...

The crowd enjoying the show...

And there she is! Several of my ex-EEP students :-)

Managed to 'peace' just in time! :-D

Listening to the answers given by the contestants...

Next, a senior performs...

Me trying to hide behind some of the audience... I was trying to put my shoes on!

The lady emcees for the night...

Finally, and the decision is in!!!

The behind-the-scenes people who made this event a success...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss PROTON Night Part 1

Time:  10:44pm
Date: 22nd June 2012
Occasion: Miss PROTON Night
Description: A night that had so many events... I was hardpressed for time since there was also the SIPTIK Grand Dinner night on at the same time. So, after one event, I quickly rushed to the other... just in time to watch the Miss PROTON candidates perform and answer some tough questions. :-)

But first, a run in with the PROTON Peregrines... two of my toughest players. Both go after the ball relentlessly!

Part of the guy crowd... wonder how they rate the contestants... ;-)

The VIPs for the night...

The elected jury members looking on...

Part of the crowd...

Part of the crowd...

Part of the crowd...

Just when I thought they weren't looking, all of a sudden, it is all poses! :-)

Our Exco for Sports... sleepy as usual! :-P

One of the contestants showing off her talents.... hey... wait a minute? Isn't that the Exco for Education??


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I like this post by that I decided to re-post it here.

Great Opportunity is knocking! Tomorrow, 25th October 2012, InshaAllah, would be the 9th day of Dhulhijjah, which is the Day of Arafah. Don't miss it! Do Fasting! Grab the Opportunity and Get Fabulous Reward, InshaAllah!

Fasting on the day of ‘Arafah is a confirmed Sunnah for those who are not performing Hajj.

It was narrated from Abu Qataadah (radiyAllaahu 'anhu) that the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) was asked about fasting on the day of ‘Arafah and he (sallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said:

“It expiates for the sins of the previous year and of the coming year.” ~ [Narrated by Muslim (1162]

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Kuala Perlis Dinner after Convo

Time:  8:30pm
Date: 19th June 2012
Place: Kuala Perlis
Occasion: Celebration of a job well done.
Description: After spending all those hours working on the flower-selling business, my wife decided to treat everyone involved to a grand dinner at Kuala Perlis for some food food and glorious food! 

The following pictures carry a disclaimer, which is: We are not responsible for any anxiety and food angst caused by all the delicious, tasty, aromatic, and totally filling wonderful food. ;-)

So glad that the UiTM Arau Convocation ended well... well enough to celebrate! Alhamdulillah...

Uh-oh... my wife picking up a call... another convocation? O.O

We decided to take a break from the normal stall, and try this one... no, we did not order any venison satay...

Watermelon juice for everyone!

All smile before the festivities begin...

Our waiter... err... waitress... waiter? Hmmm... I seriously wanted to ask, but left it well alone... hahahahahaha... didn't want to rock the boat... since they are still preparing our food for the night! :-D

Yet another one... ermm... make-up... much?!?! hehehehe

The table has been set full of food, well? What else... shall we begin??

Adam took this picture of what-goes-on-below-table... ;-)

A new menu dish? Hmmmm.... I wonder what recipe is suitable for sugar glider? hehehehe

Almost there... starting to slow down... hahahaha

After dinner? Well, the kids wanted dessert... what better than ice-cream.... mmmmmmm...

Not just the kids... the moms wanted some too! :-D


Some of the selection available for cooking...

Well, the preparation for the next convocation needs to be done... straight after dinner, stock check!

Meanwhile, the kids are taken for a treat! Thanks Kak Farah...

Posing after the ride :-)

That's all folks! :-)