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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Women: World Movers!

Greetings everyone! 

DPP TM will be organising a programme with Diana Amir on 14 May 2013 (Tuesday). For those interested, tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth opened at DKG 1... or alternatively, you may direct all your queries about this programme by calling: Syaza - 017-7495951 or Lily - 017-7174487. Hope to see you there! :-)

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. DPP TM akan menganjurkan satu program bersama Diana Amir pada 14 Mei 2013 (Selasa). Kepada sesiapa yang berminat bolehlah membeli tiket di booth yang dibuka di DKG 1.. Sebarang pertanyaan mengenai program ini boleh menghubungi nombor ini. Syaza - 017-7495951 atau Lily - 017-7174487.

This is all part of the celebration of women. The full programme is as follows:

Call Izyan - 014-5189159/ Pika - 0136464480 if you are interested in participating in any of the programmes. 

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

DPP TM Motivational Posters: The Series

And there I was, a little bored, a little stressed, and a little motivated to have some fun with some photos that were taken for the first two months appointed as the Principal for DPP TM, Universiti Utara Malaysia. As the title says, these photos were presented in the "motivational poster" format. Some of the words and quotes were taken from on-line sources, where the copyright was not clear. Therefore, this is my disclaimer for all materials that were collected on-line. The only copyright I claim is the pictures that were taken, mostly by myself and DPP TM students who attended those events.

Well... enough banter, here are the first two.

These photos were taken during the event held by my DPP TM students, which culminated in the cultural gala event, Melodies of Our Night:

The following photo was taken during the Kolam competition... with breathtaking results! :-)

The following second photo is the crock breaking contest (similar to whacking the Piñata), but instead of candy, you get flowers!

... and a nice crock hat! ;-)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

DPP TM: TM Tuition "Sinaran Minda"

Greetings, hi again! I am pleased to announce that DPP TM students will be organising help sessions (yes, another way of saying tuition session, but I didn't want to mention tuition... ooops!!) for students facing problems in understanding some tough subjects. Please refer to the promotional poster below for further details:

Please feel free to contact the person in the poster for more information. Hopefully these sessions will help you to get a grip on these subjects. Thanks in advance for your support. 

DPP TM Grand Dinner: Black and Roses

I am pleased to announce that DPP TM, Universiti Utara Malaysia, will be holding their annual Grand Dinner, themed "Black and Rose". The promotional poster is as follows:

For DPP TM students, please refer to your RA or KB for registration purposes. For any ex-DPP TM students, UUM Alumni, or any external parties that would like to join the event or contribute sponsorship for the event (cash, goods, services, ... all are welcome, we are not fussy... just drop me an email at What benefits can you get? Well, let my programme director explain... ;-)

Registration is STILL open... I think? :-P

In response to your comments... yes, it is going to be held at DEWAN MUADZAM SHAH, and not Dewan DPP MAS (I don't think we would all fit).

Also... the SIAKAO is a new species of fish that is particularly native to the lakes of Universiti Utara Malaysia... the one behind DPP MISC... apparently it is very nice and tastes very similar to SIAKAP... mehh.... hahahahaha ;-)

Monday, May 06, 2013

DPP TM Earth Hour Videos

Thank you so much Mohamad Fauzan Farhan for posting these videos online. Good job! :-)

The first:

The second:

All credits and copyright goes to the respective parties. I am just posting them here to spread the word! :-D

Just in case you were wondering, it was all for:

Even though I was not present for the event, I did leave my mark... before everyone else! ;-)