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Monday, March 19, 2012

Demotivational Pics?

As I surf the Net for some interesting demotivational posters, I come across a few that made think and laugh out loud... the copyright or the owner of each of these pictures are in doubt, since they have been circulated and re-posted so many times, I had found it difficult trying to find the original owners. Therefore I do claim any rights on the following pictures and only intend to share them with friends and families...

 This seems like a long wait if look at this in a picture. Many times had my imagination run wild trying to picture the scene a few seconds later..... eeeeewwwwwwwww... yuck! hehehe
 If I were a driver, I would definitely not stop... erm... for obvious reasons! >.<
 I think I've done about 60% of the above positions... hehehehe
 Makes one think about ones job...and I find it difficult trying to choose all three, but I'm not complaining. Life is good... Alhamdulillah. :-)
Errrrr.... definition of homicide: Homicide (Latin: homicidium, Latin: homo human being + Latin: caedere to cut, kill) refers to the act of a human killing another human. So, a homicide victim refers to one who has already been killed. So if one were to talk... let's just say I won't be staying around long...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 years ago today: 18 March 2001

The second wedding reception. This one was held at my home, in Jitra. It was a catered affair, but the neighbours all pitched in and did all the work to make the even a happy memory. Enough talk, more pictures! :-)

 My wife and I, patiently waiting for the big feast... little did anyone know, I was STARVING!!!! Hehehe.... the comment by the camera man was that he never in his entire life saw the groom wolf-down the food at such an alarming rate. Awww... come ooonnn... it's my wedding and I'll eat if I want to...
 Watching the 'silat' in front of my house.... see below.

 The above picture shows the rows and rows of people about to start eating... hehehe... typical Malaysian wedding, it's all about the food! :-D
 Some of Nurul's bosses and workmates from UUM...
 Finally, we have some alone time... with the camera man of course! ;-)
 Here (above) is an outtake or behind the scenes look at what goes on behind our photoshoot. A lot of moving and adjusting to strike the perfect pose.
The picture above and below is of my brand new bride! See? She's already striking that 'boss' look... hehehehe

And that was the beginning of my journey together with my wife... 11 years on, and I still wonder what she saw in me...

Beyond Expectation Final Part

Before I go, I'd like to share one more video just to show how life is... sometimes.

As you can see, sometimes what we plan does not happen. What we hope to happen just won't come true. However, times like these, we have our family and friends to help. Until we finally get to the finish line... so don't EVER GIVE UP!!!

Until we meet again. You can always find me on Facebook, and our DPP PROTON Group. Take care, and all the best.

.... so that was the gist of my presentation to my students that day.

As I promised, I have uploaded the presentation slide for that day for my students who attended that talk.

You can either go here and download it:

or view it below as an embedded document:

For Scribd

Until next time... take care everyone! :-D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

11 years ago today: 17 March 2001

11 years ago today, we had our first wedding receptions (yes, first... us Malays have to have at least two...  that is the norm). It was held in FELDA Bukit Tangga, at my in-laws place. The house has changed to much since then... well, not much to say, so I'll post some pictures up, with some commentary.

 Exchange of food 'vows'... hehehe... I'll feed you till death do us part... with dad looking on

This first picture shows two people who have passed away, may late father in the middle (Zulhumadi Zen), and the late Pak Jemat (on the right, my in-laws close personal friend and neighbour). On the left is the then single Abang Im (Khairun Na'im), my brother-in-law.

Next two pictures (above and below) depicts the "silat" ceremony, where a group of traditional martial arts practitioners perform their mock fights in front of the bride and groom.

Below is some behind the scenes taken in my wife's bedroom. The first is a visit by Professor Dato' Wan Rafei and his wife Professor Datin Siti Maimon along with their daughter.

The above picture shows my wife being hand fed by her auntie (from the father's side), watched on by her other auntie (mother's side).

 Ahemm.... the wedding couple... mom on the right.

The above shows the two people who were instrumental in the whole affair, Cikgu Bakar and Dato' Latifah, who is mom's best friend.

For the first time, my family grew by one. I only had my mom and dad to call family, and now (at that time), there is my wife. This family is now set to grow... :-D

Beyond Expectation Part 4

To sum the above, pictures in a video, I would have to show you the following... it is freely available on and all rights and copyrights belong to the respective owners. No need to explain much about this video, so just have a look:

Well? What do you think? Did you feel bad for Heather when she fell? I know I did. Did the other runners slow down or stop to see if she is ok? Nope. Did she say, "forget it, there's no way I can catch up"? I think not. She just sprang back up and ran the race of her life.

Now I'd like to share some pictures of a C class student...
 Yep... look at the hairstyle. Is this a university student??!?!
More fooling around. No way did this person get 100% in a lab session with Dr. Alex Pukowlknik (from memory... sorry Doc, I can't remember the correct spelling)... even the tutor had a shocked look on his face when he handed me my lab report. Even our class nerd got 65%...
Now, I am in UUM... as a lecturer, furthering my studies, also an assistant principal to over 900 students, and a language editor for several journals, bulletins, and other publications... as well as a husband, three children and a son and the sole son-in-law (my in-laws only have one daughter, whom I married).

Just to finish off, have a look at my 2009-2010 snapshot below:
Those were the most busiest of days. I was a lecturer for UUM COB, but was lent to the Chancellery Department, but at the same time was an Assistant Principal at DPP PROTON. I was also actively involved in three (3) research projects (amounting close to RM400,000 in external grants) and an Editor for Journal of Technology and Operations Management. I also had registered for my PhD, part-time, and had to present in several international conferences held in Shah Alam, Langkawi, and Queenstown, New Zealand. I also secured my citizenship as a Malaysian at that time. All this... done by a contract lecturer, who in 2008 could not walk for 6 weeks due to a spinal injury. I really thought I would be paralysed for life and not be able to walk. Alhamdulillah... BEYOND EXPECTATION...

.... end of installment. Final one coming up next...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beyond Expectation Part 3

... almost there...
Do you know who this next person is? What does he do that is extraordinary?
If you look at the next picture, you think nothing of it. It may not look significant to you, but did you know he plays college basketball, just like ALL OF YOU now, with only one leg? That's right, he wears an artificial leg, and at first even his team mates didn't know about his disability.

More on Mike Edwards, Jr. at and a nice newspaper clip,3885367

After seeing all the beyond expected achievements of the individuals I mentioned above, ...
So what is your excuse? Will be giving me an excuse now that you've sat through this talk today?

..... end of this instalment.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

BJIB3143: FAQ Part 1

Today's class had many students asking the same questions via email and FB. So I decided to do a small FAQ which hopefully would answer your questions before you even ask.

Q1. "Sir, do we need to prepare the product before publishing the blog? What if someone calls?"
A1. You need to view this assignment from one of two perspectives. 
Perspective 1: view it as just getting marks, so the information, the products, the graphics, and the ENTIRE blog would be 100% fabricated or fiction. It would be just believable as an e-commerce website with or without the actual product being in your possession. However, if you take the second perspective...
Perspective 2: view it as a possible business or side-income. I would recommend you do extra work, such as sourcing out suppliers, calculating appropriate prices for an acceptable profit, establishing logistics, and other matters in order to run it as a business. The more effort and care you put into planning it, the greater the chance for you to maintain the 'assignment' long after you graduate.

Q2. "Is the assignment for Group A only?"
A2. No, the assignment is for ALL groups, namely A, B, and C. I made a mistake in the assignment sheet.

Q3. "Would it be okay if we say in the blog that it is an assignment?"
A3. Yes, I would recommend it. You can always indicate something like: "DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG IS 100% FICTION AND WAS LAUNCHED FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY QUERIES OR PURCHASES". Alternatively you can put in a fictitious phone number and email so that you would not be bothered by all the attention. 

Q4. "How to submit the blog as hardcopy?"
A4. At first I said not to worry, and just submit your 10-page report on the product analysis. However, I just realised that I need your blog as evidence for the SETARA process. Therefore, I need you to "print-screen" or screen capture your blog (yes, ALL the pages if possible) and save it in a Word document. Two screens per page would be suffice. So, for hardcopy submission, this course requires
1. Product analysis report
2. Blog screen-shots

Q5. "What happens if we send email without the proper subject title like you specified in the assignment sheet?"
A5. Please take note here. I will be using an automatic filtering software which well process your emails to get the URL from each email. Therefore, there is no room for error. You need to use the EXACT subject title, which is “BJIB3143: Task 1 <matric. no.>”... for example, if I were to submit an assignment, I would put 
BJIB3143: Task 1 93101
as my subject. Then I would put the URL in the body, for example
Please note that I would not put in any extra information or messages.

That is all for now, I will continue with more FAQs as more questions arise.

Beyond Expectation Part 2

On with the show...
Who is Lance Armstrong? Don't know? Google him... and you'll find him a tough and resilient person who does not know the meaning of the word quit. He had cancer, he battled it, and along the way won the Tour de France 7 times... not just once, but SEVEN. Don't know Tour de France? How about Tour de Langkawi? Well, let's just say that Tour de Langkawi is the baby baby baby brother of Tour de France. Just look at his determined facial expression below...
How about in the next slide (picture). This picture basically shows the results of one individual who took his exams after officially completing his school years. It may not be SPM, but it is an equivalent. Notice the ranking for his Algebra, Geometry, and Physics. Guess whose results these are?
Look below to see if you got it right... Albert Einstein. Problems with speech, failed to enter college the first time... but look at his beyond expectation performance... his contribution to the world we know today.
How about the person in the next picture... don't recognise? You all should surf the Internet more and read about modern history. During his earlier days of his life, he didn't see a future for himself, to the point that he didn't want to further his studies and get a PhD. He said why bother, since he is going to die soon anyway. What are the chances for him as a young man to get married? Lead a normal life? Have kids? Looks pretty bleak doesn't it? Well, he didn't just get married once, but twice... three kids from the first marriage...
 He is none other than Steven Hawking. Google him to find out more.
.... end of this instalment.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyond Expectation Part 1

Yesterday, I was invited to give a talk to motivate and inform a group of students about the importance of performing beyond expectation. I was not sure that would actually understand if I started giving a lecture about the characteristics that a good student should have. But instead, I decided to go another route.

Disclaimer: If you find that some of the wordings belong to other or it is copyrighted material, then all rights should go to the respective owners, as I claim none. This was just a non-commercial motivation session for my students.

After all the normal ice-breaking intros, it continued with a wake-up call:

Stay tuned for the next instalment... the people who performed beyond expectation!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A message from DPP PROTON student

Here is something one of my students from DPP PROTON wrote in our DPP PROTON Facebook Group. I like it so much I want to share:

berjalan ke bilik air - bukak paip sinki - keluarkan ubat gigi letak kat berus gigi - tadah air kat paip - kumur2 - gosok sisi - 10 minit kemudian - kumur2 - keluarkan pencuci muka - tadah air kat paip - basahkan muka - lumur pencuci muka - 5 mint kemudian - tadah air - bilas muka - tutup paip sinki

abang/kakak, boleh x bukak paip sinki tu bila perlu..tolong la jangan membazir..kalau 15 minit kat sinki, 15 minit jugak la kau x tutup paip sinki tu..

kalau kau ada rumah sewa sendiri baru kau tahu camna peritnya nak jimat air biar bil x melambung..

pesanan buat warga proton x kira dah senior atau masih junior..


Can't understand it? Well, here's the Google Translate version:


My name Fateh Crazygers

walk to the bathroom - sink tap bukak - remove the toothpaste put mytoothbrush - my water cistern pipes - kumur2 - rub the side - 10minutes later - kumur2 - remove facial cleanser - my water cisternpipe - wet your face - face wash grime - 5 mint and - dependent onwater - rinse face - turn off the sink pipes

brother / sister, may x bukak sink pipes when I need it .. please .. do not waste my sink if 15 minutes, 15 minutes jugak la you close the tap sink x I ..

If you have a new own rent camna peritnya you know I let on waterbills soar .. x

order for citizens proton x into account I still senior or junior ..


However, if you really want to understand it, here is my translation:


Nama Saya Fateh Crazygers (This is FB name, so no need to translate)

walk to bathroom - turn on tap - get toothpaste out put on toothbrush - collect some water - rinse out mouth - brush teeth - 10 minutes later - rinse out mouth - get facial cleaner - collect water - wet face - apply facial cleaner - 5 minutes later - collect water - wash face - turn off tap

Brother/Sister, can you please turn off the tap when not needed... do not be wasteful... if 15 minutes at the sink, 15 minutes you do not turn off the tap.

If you have your own house that you rent, you would know how difficult it is to keep the water bill down by saving water.

This is some advice for Protoneans, no matter whether you are senior or junior.



Just in case you're wondering how he looks like.... he's in the pic below... the one next to Heliza...

You have a 50-50 percent chance of getting it right. Until next time....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ulu Legong Hot Springs

I have been slacking as of late with my updates on this blog, so I think it is time to fill up the scheduled post queue and start the ball rolling... again. Hehehe...

The family just got back from a trip to Ulu Legong Hot Springs (8-10 March 2012), located somewhere in Baling, Kedah. It is a closed area, with accommodation facilities. There are furnished chalets as well as 6 dorms available for larger groups where each dorm has 10 beds. This was a programme organised by the PETRONAS Student Residential Hall students. Words does not do this place justice, so I shall continue with the pictures!

 The hot springs flows into several catchment areas, designated as Pool 1, 2, 3, etc. This picture above is Pool 3, and it is basically a swimming pool.
 Pool 1 above has been fenced off to avoid any entry, since the water it very hot.
 Another view of Pool 2 above. They emptied the pool for cleaning purposes.
 While filling up the pool, I was able to soak my feet in the rushing hot water flowing in from Pool 2.
 Seriously, it was nice! :D
 Another view of Pool 1.
 Pool 5, or the kiddies pool can be viewed above.
 The place is accessible 24 hours a day, so the above pictures shows what I did on the first night... feet soak.
 The main entrance to the establishment...
 The main entrance to the establishment... with a different model. Is it just me or do I look slightly slimmer in this picture? :-P
On the way back, could not resist a stop-over at TESCO in Stargate. :-D

That's all for now folks. Time to find other stuff to keep you all entertained. Thanks for visiting.