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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BJIB3143: FAQ Part 1

Today's class had many students asking the same questions via email and FB. So I decided to do a small FAQ which hopefully would answer your questions before you even ask.

Q1. "Sir, do we need to prepare the product before publishing the blog? What if someone calls?"
A1. You need to view this assignment from one of two perspectives. 
Perspective 1: view it as just getting marks, so the information, the products, the graphics, and the ENTIRE blog would be 100% fabricated or fiction. It would be just believable as an e-commerce website with or without the actual product being in your possession. However, if you take the second perspective...
Perspective 2: view it as a possible business or side-income. I would recommend you do extra work, such as sourcing out suppliers, calculating appropriate prices for an acceptable profit, establishing logistics, and other matters in order to run it as a business. The more effort and care you put into planning it, the greater the chance for you to maintain the 'assignment' long after you graduate.

Q2. "Is the assignment for Group A only?"
A2. No, the assignment is for ALL groups, namely A, B, and C. I made a mistake in the assignment sheet.

Q3. "Would it be okay if we say in the blog that it is an assignment?"
A3. Yes, I would recommend it. You can always indicate something like: "DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG IS 100% FICTION AND WAS LAUNCHED FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY QUERIES OR PURCHASES". Alternatively you can put in a fictitious phone number and email so that you would not be bothered by all the attention. 

Q4. "How to submit the blog as hardcopy?"
A4. At first I said not to worry, and just submit your 10-page report on the product analysis. However, I just realised that I need your blog as evidence for the SETARA process. Therefore, I need you to "print-screen" or screen capture your blog (yes, ALL the pages if possible) and save it in a Word document. Two screens per page would be suffice. So, for hardcopy submission, this course requires
1. Product analysis report
2. Blog screen-shots

Q5. "What happens if we send email without the proper subject title like you specified in the assignment sheet?"
A5. Please take note here. I will be using an automatic filtering software which well process your emails to get the URL from each email. Therefore, there is no room for error. You need to use the EXACT subject title, which is “BJIB3143: Task 1 <matric. no.>”... for example, if I were to submit an assignment, I would put 
BJIB3143: Task 1 93101
as my subject. Then I would put the URL in the body, for example
Please note that I would not put in any extra information or messages.

That is all for now, I will continue with more FAQs as more questions arise.

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