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Saturday, March 17, 2012

11 years ago today: 17 March 2001

11 years ago today, we had our first wedding receptions (yes, first... us Malays have to have at least two...  that is the norm). It was held in FELDA Bukit Tangga, at my in-laws place. The house has changed to much since then... well, not much to say, so I'll post some pictures up, with some commentary.

 Exchange of food 'vows'... hehehe... I'll feed you till death do us part... with dad looking on

This first picture shows two people who have passed away, may late father in the middle (Zulhumadi Zen), and the late Pak Jemat (on the right, my in-laws close personal friend and neighbour). On the left is the then single Abang Im (Khairun Na'im), my brother-in-law.

Next two pictures (above and below) depicts the "silat" ceremony, where a group of traditional martial arts practitioners perform their mock fights in front of the bride and groom.

Below is some behind the scenes taken in my wife's bedroom. The first is a visit by Professor Dato' Wan Rafei and his wife Professor Datin Siti Maimon along with their daughter.

The above picture shows my wife being hand fed by her auntie (from the father's side), watched on by her other auntie (mother's side).

 Ahemm.... the wedding couple... mom on the right.

The above shows the two people who were instrumental in the whole affair, Cikgu Bakar and Dato' Latifah, who is mom's best friend.

For the first time, my family grew by one. I only had my mom and dad to call family, and now (at that time), there is my wife. This family is now set to grow... :-D


Layyinul Harir said...


congrats untuk happy annvsary yang ke 11..=))

moge bahagia hingga ke syurganya..


Mohammad Thaqib said...

Congratulations sir. You are like a boss. :D

Faisal Zulhumadi said...

Thank you thank you thank you... :-D