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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beyond Expectation Part 2

On with the show...
Who is Lance Armstrong? Don't know? Google him... and you'll find him a tough and resilient person who does not know the meaning of the word quit. He had cancer, he battled it, and along the way won the Tour de France 7 times... not just once, but SEVEN. Don't know Tour de France? How about Tour de Langkawi? Well, let's just say that Tour de Langkawi is the baby baby baby brother of Tour de France. Just look at his determined facial expression below...
How about in the next slide (picture). This picture basically shows the results of one individual who took his exams after officially completing his school years. It may not be SPM, but it is an equivalent. Notice the ranking for his Algebra, Geometry, and Physics. Guess whose results these are?
Look below to see if you got it right... Albert Einstein. Problems with speech, failed to enter college the first time... but look at his beyond expectation performance... his contribution to the world we know today.
How about the person in the next picture... don't recognise? You all should surf the Internet more and read about modern history. During his earlier days of his life, he didn't see a future for himself, to the point that he didn't want to further his studies and get a PhD. He said why bother, since he is going to die soon anyway. What are the chances for him as a young man to get married? Lead a normal life? Have kids? Looks pretty bleak doesn't it? Well, he didn't just get married once, but twice... three kids from the first marriage...
 He is none other than Steven Hawking. Google him to find out more.
.... end of this instalment.

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