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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyond Expectation Part 1

Yesterday, I was invited to give a talk to motivate and inform a group of students about the importance of performing beyond expectation. I was not sure that would actually understand if I started giving a lecture about the characteristics that a good student should have. But instead, I decided to go another route.

Disclaimer: If you find that some of the wordings belong to other or it is copyrighted material, then all rights should go to the respective owners, as I claim none. This was just a non-commercial motivation session for my students.

After all the normal ice-breaking intros, it continued with a wake-up call:

Stay tuned for the next instalment... the people who performed beyond expectation!


Yuyu Suwit said...

adore en.faisal..hehe..boleh buat mentor..

Faisal Zulhumadi said...

Why thank you! Memang dah jadi dah puun... ;-)