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Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 years ago today: 18 March 2001

The second wedding reception. This one was held at my home, in Jitra. It was a catered affair, but the neighbours all pitched in and did all the work to make the even a happy memory. Enough talk, more pictures! :-)

 My wife and I, patiently waiting for the big feast... little did anyone know, I was STARVING!!!! Hehehe.... the comment by the camera man was that he never in his entire life saw the groom wolf-down the food at such an alarming rate. Awww... come ooonnn... it's my wedding and I'll eat if I want to...
 Watching the 'silat' in front of my house.... see below.

 The above picture shows the rows and rows of people about to start eating... hehehe... typical Malaysian wedding, it's all about the food! :-D
 Some of Nurul's bosses and workmates from UUM...
 Finally, we have some alone time... with the camera man of course! ;-)
 Here (above) is an outtake or behind the scenes look at what goes on behind our photoshoot. A lot of moving and adjusting to strike the perfect pose.
The picture above and below is of my brand new bride! See? She's already striking that 'boss' look... hehehehe

And that was the beginning of my journey together with my wife... 11 years on, and I still wonder what she saw in me...

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